A garage door is only as good as its ability to function.

After all, a garage door that sticks or gets stuck, especially in the winter, can make your life difficult. In Western New York, we understand the value of a fully functional garage door all year long. Whether you have a business to run or you need our help at home, we are ready to provide you with the repairs required for your residential and commercial garage doors. We have been providing garage door repair services for many years and can handle any other garage door service you require. Get in touch with our team today for any of your residential or commercial garage door repair needs!

Why You Should Hire a Professional

Regular maintenance on your garage door is essential when trying to keep your vehicle and household items safe. If you notice your garage door isn't working correctly, don't try and fix it yourself. Here at Abbott Door, we can have your garage door back up and running in no time. Trying to fix a garage door on your own can be very dangerous. Here are various reasons why you should call a professional for your garage door repairs.

  • Risk of Injury: A garage door can weigh over 500 pounds! If you were to try and fix a problem on your own, you could risk the door falling on you, getting your fingers caught between the hinges, or receive various cuts and bruises.
  • Worsen the Problem: You might think your garage door needs a simple fix that you can do yourself. Garage doors have multiple components, so if you start messing with the wrong part, it could cost you more money to fix or force you to have to replace your garage door.
  • Saves Time and Money: A professional will come to your property and examine and diagnose the problem. They then will bring the proper tools to quickly and efficiently repair your garage door at an affordable price.
  • Extends Life: With proper maintenance, a garage door can last over 15 years. Having a professional fix all your repairs when they happen will save you from buying a new garage door.

Here at Abbott Door, we have the experience and knowledge to assist you in any garage door repairs. If our professionals feel you should replace your garage door, we can help you with a garage door installation. Give us a call today so we can get started on your garage door repair! We proudly provide garage door services to Buffalo, Amherst, Hamburg, West Seneca, Cheektowaga, NY, and the surrounding areas!

Common Garage Door Repairs

  • Broken Springs: Springs are under constant pressure. When it breaks you will know because it makes a loud banging sound. A professional should do this repair because it requires taking the proper safety precautions.
  • Broken Door Panels: Door panels are heavy and are not an easy repair. They typically require at least two people to do and are best left to a professional.
  • Missing or Damaged Weather Stripping: Replacing your weather stripping can be done by yourself. It is not difficult to do. Weather stripping is essential to keeping the elements and rodents out of your garage.
  • Broken Door Opener: Automatic openers have many moving parts and electrical wiring. There are many complications that can arise from garage door openers. A professional garage door repair company should be contacted to determine the problem and fix it.


Abbott Door is an experienced, family-owned business that has been providing quality garage door repairs to clients throughout Buffalo, NY and the rest of Western New York since 1985.

Keep our number handy for all of your future garage door repair needs and let us know if you would like to schedule an appointment! We are eager to assist with your repair needs for residential garage doors, overhead garage doors, and more and want to add you to our long list of satisfied clients. We would be happy to visit your property and provide a free estimate. Our company is proud to serve Buffalo, Amherst, Cheektowaga, West Seneca, Hamburg, Orchard Park, Clarence, Tonawanda, Elma, Lancaster, Dunkirk, and Lackawanna, NY.