A garage door opener can make your daily routine much more convenient.

Whether you need a new garage door opener or you want your current one repaired, the team at Abbott Door is your source of quality garage door openers at a great price. Our family-owned business can visit your home or business in Western New York and come prepared to help with issues of all kinds. Whether your opener is completely broken or needs to be reprogrammed, we have the experience to solve the problem at hand. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment!

Common Garage Door Opener Issues

Garage Door Openers experience complications as they continue to be used just like anything else. Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your garage door opener. Here is a list of common issues that our clients have experienced.

  1. Switch Does Not Work: This can be for a variety of reasons including a burnt-out motor, a circuit breaker tripped, the photo-eyes are faulty, or the motor is unplugged. Another common reason is that the garage door is locked. Many people do not realize that the switch has 2 buttons, one that opens/closes the garage door while the other locks/unlocks the door.
  2. Garage Door Keypad Isn't Working: The most common cause of the keypad not working is that the batteries are dead or it is out of range of the garage door opener. There are other explanations as well though. Just like the switch, the garage door may simply be locked or the photo-eyes may be faulty. It can be the antenna is faulty too. Sometimes a simple keypad reprogramming may be needed.
  3. Garage Door Doesn't Close Properly: There are 3 likely causes of this. It is usually that the limits are off, photo-eyes are faulty, or the rollers are damaged.
  4. Garage Door Doesn't Open Properly: The cause is probably that the limits are off or the rollers are damaged.


Abbott Door has been serving West Seneca, Cheektowaga, Buffalo, NY and the rest of Western New York since 1985.

There are a few signs your garage door opener is beginning to fail and when they creep up, it is important to call us for service right away. Failure to do so could result in more costly repairs being needed. A few basic signs are:

  • The garage door reverses when opening or closing
  • The opener is becoming increasingly noisy
  • The garage door stalls or gets stuck
  • Intermittent or random malfunctions

Give us a call today for all of the garage door opener services needed at your home or business. We would be happy to help you and to provide a free estimate to get you started. We're proud to serve clients throughout Buffalo, Amherst, Cheektowaga, West Seneca, Hamburg, Orchard Park, Clarence, Tonawanda, Elma, Lancaster, Dunkirk, and Lackawanna, NY.